Thursday, 19 December 2013

A Laugh A Minute And A Great Cause Too

Last week in Wolverhampton Sarah Millican was appearing at the civic centre.
And as she is a supporter of Macmillan, our supported charity from hubbys work, both Hubby and I went to do our bit to support the charity and collect some well needed money for them.

The support shown was amazing, with many people digging deep to give not only change but notes too.

We started with empty buckets and by the end of the evening they were really heavy to lift.
I can't thank everyone enough for giving so generously.

We even got to see the show, a nice surprise to say the least.
And she was soooo funny.
I can't recommend her show enough.

X x


  1. Love Sarah she is so funny! Good for you for helping out when life is so busy! x

    1. It raised my spirt if I am honest. People are often so rude and offish this time of year so it was lovely to see them giving what they could for such a great cause.

      X x

  2. Well done you.
    I enjoy watching Sarah Millican making people (mainly men) squirm.


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