Friday, 13 December 2013

The Ultimate De-Clutter.....

Now I am sure that every home has some corner of it, be it the garage, shed or spare room full of clutter.

In ours we have lots!
But my mission was to remove it all, or as much as possible, by Christmas.
Not only would it make our house so much neater but also make our bank balance a little healthier too.
(which after the the cost of last few weeks, can only be a good thing)

I had bags and bags of clothing to get shut of as well as all other sorts of stuff.
(Plus our loft is full of junk things to sell/chuck)

And even ashleigh tidied out her pit room and had two ikea bags full too!

Honestly when I looked at all of it I was worried we've all become hoarders!

eBay has be used as the main way of getting rid of most of the clutter and I am glad to say it has made us a nice amount of money back too

Now I just have a dining table and bed to get shut of before the new replacements arrive.

It really is never ending!

X x


  1. Good luck with the clear out, I am slowly getting sorted with my clutter xx

  2. I need to clear some clutter this Christmas.

  3. I had a clearout last weekend of all my bank statements and paperwork I found stuff from 2009!!! I had massive bag full of just bank statements and letters for shredding but I think I need an industrial shredder now lol x


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