Sunday, 22 December 2013

Chilled Out Sunday...

It might be the Sunday before Christmas but I intend to have a chill day.

Yes I still have a load to do.
Including more shopping, both food and gifts, masses of wrapping and baking.

But all shall be done in my own time.

I still have work for a day after working yesterday, then its 3 whole days off.
(If only it was weeks)

Hope your all ready for Christmas.


X x


  1. I hope you've had a lovely day. It's good to relax and take some time out to recharge before racing about again.
    Lovely Christmas tree :-)
    Hope you have a fabulous Christmas!

  2. I envy you being so relaxed about it, I'm stressed all ready! Have a lovely xmas honey xx

  3. Your tree looks so pretty. Hope you enjoyed your chilled day xx


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