Monday, 30 December 2013

It's that time of year to reflect on the past twelve months.

The time when we all make new resolutions and forget all bout the ones we had last year.

Well here were mine and an update on how I did overall:

  • To blog at least every other day. I kind of petered off a little this year. Due to ill health and a very busy work schedule this one obviously didn't happen, but I can always aim for next year.
  • Try to take outfit photos more often. I took them when I could so happier with this one.
  • Meet more fellow bloggers. Anyone else up for this? Fail
  • To continue to meal plan and cook from scratch Worked like a treat. Nothing beats a good home cooked meal.
  • Set a better routine for housework I had a much better routine this year and a cleaner neater home too.
  • Tackle the ironing more frequently. I HATE ironing. I still hate ironing but at least the pile isn't quite as bad as it used to be, big tick for this one.
  • De-clutter often. Little and often, added to the bank balance as well.
  • Continue with "the plan". Its worked well for 2012. Well on track even after a rather large spend from our savings due to new heating and doors and window. We shall keep on track 2014 to continue this.
  • eBay more. (de-cluttering will help with this) I used this much more the later part of the year.
  • Try to earn an extra £5 per day, I'd like to say £10 but I feel this may be pushing it a little. Not quite the amount I would have hoped but 2014 will see me try this again.
  • List NSP and frugal and free more often as a reminder how well you can do. (blog) I had many but bloged very few.
  • No new clothes unless needed or gifts Big Tick for this one.
  • Exercise more Rubbish on this one. 
  • Loose weight. I have a wedding to attend in July and want to be back to my normal size for then. Again a fail in this area. Lack of commitment on my part.
  • Paint my nails weekly. A small thing but one that cheers me up. Amazing I did this one.
  • Wear my heels. No more flat shoes unless necessary! I wore them much more than last year so again a tick.
  • Try my hand a sewing Yes, Cushions made and a quilt for Ashleighs 18th. 

So to be honest a mix bag of ticks and crosses.
2013 was a funny old year.
Roll on 2014!

X x


  1. Hi there! It sounds like overall you've done really well with your targets this year, wishing you much success for 2014 and happy new year! xxx

  2. Considering how poorly you were I think you've done brilliantly! Happy 2014! xxx

  3. I think you have made amazing progress. I like the idea of your tidier home and meal planning - that is one for me.

  4. I will join you on the weight loss says I currently eating shortbread and ordering an Indian for tonight! Other than that you did really well honey. Happy New Year! xx

  5. I think you have done really well with your resolutions; much better than I did! I'm always up for a blogger meet, I would love the chance to get to meet up! xx


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