Friday, 20 December 2013

Turn The Other Cheek...

Gosh will someone please pass the wine, it's been very stressful day!

Yep today was "I' day (thats interview day for anyone who doesn't speak Trayci)

From 9am until 4.30 I was grilled, questioned and put into group sessions and I am now, well and truly pooped.

A flushed face after an intense day.
Interview outfit: post trauma.
Dress - Debenhams
Shoes New Look

Was it worth it?
Who knows!

A story of two halves.
The other side of my dress.

But I shall most definitely be sitting down with a (Very) large glass of wine this evening I can tell you.

Cheers all.

X x


  1. Beautiful dress, beautiful lady x

  2. Fingers crossed for a positive result. Enjoy the wine x

  3. Hope you get the happy outcome you deserve hun x

  4. Gorgeous dress! Fingers crossed for a great outcome. xxx

  5. I hope it will be worth it honey, sounds bloody horrendous! You look lovely though x


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