Thursday, 28 February 2013

Almost Over....

I know you shouldn't wish away your life but I will be pleased when this week is over.
It has felt incredibly long and hard work for all sorts of reasons.

However the weekend (which is almost here, yea!) we see me off to the wedding fair at the NEC with my eldest. How exciting....

And yes I have pre warned her that should she try and dresses on I am bound to blart.
(thats cry for anyone not used to blackcountry speak)

Other big news is that they also get the keys for their appartment tomorrow, after what seems like forever.

As for Ashleigh and her heartache?

Well, touch wood it all seems quiet at the moment. She's spent time with her best friend, as we all know a good natter with them always helps.

And no news on "the boyfriend" so it could well be final, we'll just have to wait and see.

As for me?
Well I have two more days of meetings before I can have at least one lie in!

 (Flat shoes only to walk miles from the car park to the building!)

All these 5am mornings are wearing me out!

X x


  1. You'll be needing those flatties on Saturday! My friend Liz has been setting up a well-know menswear chain's display for the fair this week but she's wangled a weekend off! x

  2. HIya

    Sorry I have not been leaving comments lately but I have not been on blogger much.
    I agree there is no place like home x


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