Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Did I scare you?

Well when some one appears out of thin are it does tend to spook you a little doesn't it?

So sorry for the long absence, life has just been a little manic and thats putting it politely!

So what have I been up to during my absence?


I celebrated my (42nd, shh don't tell anyone!) birthday on the 1st of February.... 

And we collected our caravan!

(Now I know I am getting old!)

The nicest thing was firstly knowing we had pain outright for it with money we had put away, which gives you a real sense calm.

And off we tootled to Ludlow to see how we faired with all the instructions still fresh in our minds from the garage.

We set up fine and had an amazing few days of total chilling and site seeing, before towing it back to the Midlands and storing it away for a week or two.

No real arguments occurred whilst hooking or unhooking, which in itself is a minor miracle.

We have a few other weekends planned in the next few weeks but also have an allotment move to complete so with work as well it looks like we will be incredibly busy.

I will be catching up with all your lovely blogs soon to find out what adventures you have all been up to .


X x


  1. Belated birthday wishes,glad you're ok xxx

  2. Lovely caravan! I'm thinking a couple of crochet blankets would look lovely in there xx

  3. Happy new caravan! No arguments when hooking it up? That is a miracle, you should hear us. x

  4. so excited you got a caravan, theres nothing better than going off on a road trip and taking your bedrom with you! :)


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