Saturday, 16 February 2013

Give Me Sunshine Every Day...

After the horrid snow and rain of late the past two days have been amazing.

Dry, sunny (and dare I say warm!?) days have ensure we not only did amazing work on moving our plat at the allotment but also in the garden too.

Yesterday saw us dismantle the green house and move the frame and base work up to the new plot.
And also the fruit cage too.

Of course we still need to rebuilt everything but with the fab help we received it's not looking as doubtful as it was that we shall be fully moved for the end of Feb.

I also moved all the fruit bushes, so now only have strawberries left to move from the cage. 

As for today..... Well I've tackled not only the house work (bar the ironing, cause I hate ironing!) but also the garden, which was in desperate need of a tidy.

We now have three fence panels down.
(I can feel a chat with the neighbours coming on)

And the decking was so slippy I went A over T on it yesterday.

So today out came the power washer and (most) of the grime is now gone. 

Trouble is it appears to have gone all over me!
(I've ended up very dirty)

Very last job was to drive to the storage lot and measure the caravan for a porch awning.
As we are off to the caravan show next Wednesday it was a job that needed doing.

With a bit of luck it will be dry again tomorrow and we can get even more achieved up the allotment.
(work is soo much easier than this I can tell you)

X x


  1. decking is so lethal in the cold weather! exciting goin gto the caravan show, so many accessories!! haha

  2. this weather is making life seem exciting again! x

  3. Our decking is dreadfully slippy, we need to get the deck brush on it before one of us kills ourselves! x


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