Saturday, 23 February 2013

Unleashing The Inner Child.....

Gosh is it really the weekend?

Amazing how quickly the weeks fly bye, I really must be getting old!

So what has today had install?

Well after a terrible nights sleep, (I was frozen through and couldn't for the life of me get warm. I used hubby as a hot water bottle all night much to his annoyance!) by 8 am I was up, washed, dressed and ready for the day.

The outfit was very much like unleashing my inner child.


Well I have spent virtually all day pulling up my tights after the gusset felt like it was flashing beneath my dress! lol

I have had a day of dropping unwanted items off, housework and visits from fencing and central heating men!

I can for see lots of bills appearing in the not so distant future.

Hope you have all had a great start to your weekend and don't forget it you would like any garden mags FREE then let me know before they are disposed of.

X x


  1. Ooh please May I have your mags I have a new allotment x

    1. Yes of course Hun. Email me your address to

      And I'll send them tomorrow. X x

  2. I had that problem with tights all day yesterday, such a dignified look trying to pull them up! x

  3. Ah - the downside of hosiery!

  4. That dress is fabulous. I hate ever descending tights, definitely need to be chopped up and used as cushion stuffing or something more useful! x

  5. haha ive had that with tights, awkward!

  6. I wear a pair of Spanx-like underwear over my tights. It helps keep them from sliding down. In winter it's a bit of extra warmth, as well.


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