Wednesday, 29 January 2014

New Year, New Health.....

Well you can but wish can't you?

After a year of feeling rotten this year was to be my healthy one, so I wasn't over impressed when I had the doctor call me to say my bloods were far from right and we needed to have a chat.
(In fact I think my exact words were.. Bugger!)

Well this week I have had to have a repeat blood test and go back for another "chat".

And the outcome is....

All the inflammatory markers in my blood are still far too high and I am being referred to the hospital specialist.
(Appointment to follow in the next ten day I have been told)

I have watched my diet in case it has been anything to do with that, but no nothing has h=made a difference and I still feel pants.

On a positive side I am loosing weight.
Well every cloud has a silver lining
X x


  1. What the heck does that chart mean? I have High Cholesterol and blood pressure but never seen a graph like that! I hope you are OK honey and get sorted soon xx

  2. oh dear, hope they get you sorted!

  3. Diet probably won't affect inflammatory markers as is usually to do with the immune you know which one(s) were raised? xx

  4. Trayci you're not having much luck lately are you :(
    Hugs to you my dear, hope they get to the bottom of this for you soon x

  5. aww Trayci hope you are ok and feeling better soon. x

  6. It's great that you see a bright side. Hope they get this sorted and you're feeling better soon x

  7. Hey hun, hope everything is ok as we have not heard from you for a few weeks. Sue xx


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