Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Short And Sweet...

Of which I refer to the blog post, not me obviously!
Would you believe I had to leave the house mega early today for a meeting?
Well I say mega early which is of course a total lie, although it was early to me.

Sundays attire

I had a meeting with HR reference my return to work, phased working hours and of course my health in general.

Top - Tesco (old)
Shorts - Asda (old)

Which was on completely the wrong day as my consultants appointment was actually this afternoon.

Please note I am writing this prior to my appointment.
Tonight will be a good glass of wine, fitting for what ever information I am given.
Just keep everything crosses for me that is good news and nothing too bad.

And I will be back tomorrow with hopefully good news.
Hugs to all.

X x


  1. I have everything crossed things went ok xx

  2. Whoo hope it's good news :) enjoy your wine , love your shorts :)

  3. Sexy legs! Hope the news is good and you're back to tip top health soon! x

  4. Wowsers! Look at those legs! You can totally rock your shorts. Hope the meetings all went ok lovely xx

  5. I hope everything goes ok today x


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