Sunday, 6 July 2014

June Round Up...

I've not done too well with outfit posts in past months but I do like to review what it was I actually wore.

 And it always amazes me how old faithfuls appear every time.
Even though I have a wardrobe and more, full of clothes.

 Time to reshuffle and add the summer clothes.
Yes I really am only just doing that.

Well at least its a job I can do whilst I recover from last night.
We had a great time and Robbie was brilliant.

And thankfully for the family I have no voice today from all that singing.

No wonder they are all looking so happy.

X x


  1. Some lovely outfits and all looking very summery x

  2. All very lovely! The first one and the polka dot mini and white tee are my favorites x

  3. A very pretty round-up! x

  4. Your legs look amazing in the polka dot mini outfit!

  5. I'm the worse offender when it comes to wearing the same things over and over again and I haven't reinstated the summer stuff yet either.
    Some lovely outfits here :)


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