Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Perfect Package..

As part of my summer swop I received a fabulous package from the lovely Hazel over at World of Joy.

Not only was it wrapped beautifully, it also came with a lovely note.

It was a shame to unwrap them.

Inside each beautifully wrapped parcel was a perfect summer item.

I love the lip butter, it tastes divine.
My keys were very quickly added to the beautifully made key fob.

And this necklace has been worn none stop!
I can't thank you enough Hazel.

X x


  1. Just discovered you, love the look of your Blog and will trawl through your archives soon as I can! What a lovely present to get, nothing beats a package in the post does it?!

  2. What lovely swappy things, especially the keyfob! xx

  3. Aw,, what a lovely parcel. I'm so gutted I missed signing up for this!

  4. Oh this is just lovely - what a great idea...must watch out for it happening again! Ax

  5. I love the nivea lip balms. I have the raspberry one and it smells like Fruitella sweets, just amazing!

    Gems x

  6. Glad you liked it, I had fun deciding what I wanted to send and finding all the different bits and pieces!

  7. wow such gorgeous items...lucky you x

  8. Aww, what lovely gifts! The wrapping is very cute too :)

    Away From The Blue


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