Friday, 31 October 2014

Check Please!!!!

Hang on, I don't really want to be paying a bill.
No honestly I don't!

But todays outfit seemed to be one of checks;

Black and white to be formal for work.

But still a very "me" outfit.

So pleased it's the weekend and I'm sure I can hear a glass of wine calling my name...

Happy Halloween folks, no frights here I hope.
Just a glass or two and maybe a scary film.

X x


  1. Smart but edgy, very cool!
    No wine for us tonight, you'll have to have my share. We've got to leave at 5.30am tomorrow...arghhh! xxx

    1. Gosh Vix, talk about an early morning! Don't worry I did you proud.

      X x

  2. Love that top T. Have a fab weekend x


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