Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sunday = Family Time..

Call me old fashioned but the one thing I love about Sundays is the fact we all sit together to enjoy a great home cooked meal and catch up on the week.

Not that we don't all eat together the rest of the week, as we do. But Sundays are always rather special.

Today was our turn to cook which means that is incredible busy in our tiny kitchen. 
Two people in it and you can't move!
But we've fine tuned our operation over the years and it works seamlessly, well most of the time.

After tea we all cram on the sofas to watch Strictly and Xfactor.
We solo no how to have a good time!

Oh well small pleasures eh.

X x


  1. Love the relaxed outfit. Sunday = family time here too.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. Aww, Sunday was family time for me yday as well, which is kind of rare.

  3. Sundays are the same here - I sometimes feel like I spend the whole day in the kitchen! But it's worth it for all that lovely family time. Looking great here - that top is really pretty. Ax


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