Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tuesday Teasers.....

Do you plan out your week so you know what's happening when?
We do, but it very rarely goes to plan.
Top ~ Primark
Skirt ~ H&M USA (Years old)
Shoes ~ Debenhams

Meals change days, as do meetings and appointments.
But we take it all in our stride.
After all life is to enjoyed, not stress about the little things.

Left untucked and not as smart.

And today started with the in or out question....
The tuck it in or out question that is.
(no idea what you guys were thinking)

All tucked in and ready to go.

Tucked in won as it felt much neater.
Mind you I was having a flat tummy day which helped a lot.

So do any of you lovely people have any exciting plans this week/weekend?
Are you beginning to think about Christmas yet?
All the shops are now filled with beautiful Christmas decorations and it's making me super excited for one of my favourite times of year.

X x

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  1. Whoo I can't think of Christmas yet as our gas boiler has broken :(

    Great shirt :)


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