Saturday, 11 October 2014

Has It Really Been This Long....

Gosh life has been incredibly busy, really it has.

Somethings have been a pleasure over the past week or so and somethings have been a chore.

But either way you battle through and come out the other side still smiling.
After all, no one likes a miserable git do they?
Plus you always look so much nicer when you smile.

My weekend is very much needed, to recharge the batteries and catch up with the routine things that have been neglected.

Hubby, I am sure would probably put himself in the neglected category, bless him.

Hope your all well and have managed to stay dry this past week.
It really has been horrid weather and the brolly has been needed everyday.
Lets hope next week brings sunny days and bright out looks too.

X x


  1. the rain! Every time I think i'll walk or cycle the rain comes... :( I'd rather have snow than rain.

  2. Lovely pics.
    Thankfully the sun has returned. I managed a few hours sitting out the in garden yesterday. I was reading with a cat asleep on my lap - bliss! This is something that is guaranteed to make me smile :)
    *chuckles* you're right, no one likes a miserable git!!
    Hope you have a good week.

  3. What lovely photos. We've had some sunshine today, it makes a change this week, it's been nothing but rain.

  4. Lovely pictures, you look like you have been somewhere nice :)

  5. So much rain here as well. I'm hoping it stays dry tonight for our woodland games!


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