Tuesday, 1 January 2013

And A New Year Begins.....

Welcome 2013

I do hope you all had a good New Years Eve, what ever you did.

As for us we spent it with the inlaws.
A quite affair this year as both the eldest and youngest went to parties, scary to think the youngest is so grown up!
Mom is in Italy with my brother still, but a new year phone call was made.

Now wild nights out here, just a casual tipsy walk home watching the fireworks go off.

Today is yet another relaxing day.

Dress - H&M a few years old

Which of course calls for a casual outfit.

Shoes - Zara

But no day is complete with out a little sparkle!

And whilst this is such a comfy dress to wear, (even if it is a little like a sack) you have to wear something underneath as the holes in it become very see through!

Scarf - purchased in New York two years ago.

And a bit of colour is always good.

Well the years budgets have been looked at and plans made.

So what about the traditional New Years resolution then?

Well I have made a few basic ones:

  • To blog at least every other day. I kind of petered off a little this year.
  • Try to take outfit photos more often.
  • Meet more fellow bloggers. Anyone else up for this?
  • To continue to meal plan and cook from scratch
  • Set a better routine for housework
  • Tackle the ironing more frequently. I HATE ironing.
  • De-clutter often. 
  • Continue with "the plan". Its worked well for 2012.
  • eBay more. (de-cluttering will help with this)
  • Try to earn an extra £5 per day, I'd like to say £10 but I feel this may be pushing it a little. 
  • List NSP and frugal and free more often as a reminder how well you can do. (blog)
  • No new clothes unless needed or gifts
  • Exercise more
  • Loose weight. I have a wedding to attend in July and want to be back to my normal size for then.
  • Paint my nails weekly. A small thing but one that cheers me up.
  • Wear my heels. No more flat shoes unless necessary!
  • Try my hand a sewing.
So nothing too exciting I know but baby steps in the right direction.

How about you?

What hopes/dreams do you have for 2013?

X x


  1. Nice goals, love the way you sectioned them there :)

  2. If your ever in my neck of the woods i would love to meet up with you.
    Its strange you spend years not being able to go out nye because of your children then they grow up and go out and your in bed by 9.30!
    Happy new year

  3. Wow, you have loads of goals! I blogged mine today too. Yay for something to aspire to, eh? Loving the black sparkly shoes, of course!

  4. Hi there-fabulous goals, I hope you manage to acheive them and wishing you a happy new year too xx

  5. Happy New Year honey! I hope you achieve all the things you want to in 2013. I could do with copying a few of your goals to get myself a bit more organised xx


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