Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Meal Planning....

So what delights did/do I have planned to keep our rumbling tummies full this week?


  • Monday - Chicken fried rice, using up left over chicken from Sunday. Very yummy it was too!
  • Tuesday - Gammon steaks and bubble and squeak. Used up the remaining left over veg from Sunday. Again a lovely frugal tea and very tasty too.
  • Wednesday - Home made Pizza, so much nicer than shop brought. A family favourite.
Pizza pre cooking

Pizza post cooking

Paired with a glass of homemade red wine
  • Thursday - Home made fish and chips.
  • Friday - Home  made curry and naan breads.
  • Saturday - 
It has been an extremely frugal meal plan this week with us not really needing any food shopping.
(Great on the bank balance)

Sandwiches have been taken by all of us for lunch and puddings has been  either home made or cereal and yogurt.

So frugal food and frugal travel too.
I have worked from hubbies store the past few days which has saved us petrol and parking costs.

As for work wear?
Even that has been frugal and I have "shopped" my wardrobe.

Get me!
 X x 


  1. I must improve my meal planning. Your pizza looks delicious.

    1. Thanks hun, it was yummy. As was last nights tea too..

      X x

  2. I really must start writing a meal plan every week, not just when I get close to the bottom of the bank balance!
    Everything looks delicious!
    You sharing that homemade wine...? :)

    1. Hazel, you are more than welcome to a glass or too hun.

      X x

  3. I love pizza...that looks yummyx


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