Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Day Two In The Please May I Household....

Go on admit it...

You read the title in the voice of big brother too!

Well day two of 2013 sees two of us back at work, (bummer) and one of us revising lots!
And would you believe I am full of cold.
Well looking at this photo it is evident to see! I look awful, typical eh.
Oh well never mind.

Yes normal life kicks straight back in, even though Andy has been at work more than me over the Christmas period.

I have had to drive up to head office for a few meetings.

And as promised to myself heels were worn with pride!

But after a five minute walk from the back of beyond (the furthest parking space ever!) I remembered why I had been wearing flat shoes more.

But no, I shall not be reverting back to flat thank you.

Any tips on getting rid of the dreaded flus asap would be gratefully received.

X x


  1. I don't watch big brother so nope :p For flus I cut all dairy from my diet, drastic but does a WORLD of good!

  2. I did the voice too although haven't watched it since series 3.


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