Thursday, 17 January 2013

So How's It Going So Far ?????

So its into the middle of Jan and a time when all the New Years resolutions fall by the way side.

Heres an update on mine.

  • To blog at least every other day. I kind of petered off a little this year. Due to ill health this one obviously didn't happen, but I 'm not admitting defeat just yet!
  • Try to take outfit photos more often. Did you really want to see me in my slobs with a red nose? Thought not.
  • Meet more fellow bloggers. Anyone else up for this? Time for this yet
  • To continue to meal plan and cook from scratch Working like a treat. Nothing beats a good home cooked meal.
  • Set a better routine for housework I have a neat and tidy home so far for 2013, now if only I can get the rest of the family to follow my lead......
  • Tackle the ironing more frequently. I HATE ironing. I still hate ironing but at least the pile isn't quite as bad as it used to be.
  • De-clutter often. Little and often, adding to the slush fund too.
  • Continue with "the plan". Its worked well for 2012. Well on track even after a rather large spend from our savings. All to be revealed soon.
  • eBay more. (de-cluttering will help with this) Not really used it in 2013 yet. Facebook selling pages have however been used and pounds raised.
  • Try to earn an extra £5 per day, I'd like to say £10 but I feel this may be pushing it a little. Doing really well with this, total so far for January is £300!
  • List NSP and frugal and free more often as a reminder how well you can do. (blog) It must be a good sign that I have very little spend days and NSP are the norm right?
  • No new clothes unless needed or gifts Only new item of clothing purchased so far has been a down jacket reduced in the sale and a gift from hubby. 
  • Exercise more Slowly is the word but at least it not a standstill, thats got to be a step in the right direction.
  • Loose weight. I have a wedding to attend in July and want to be back to my normal size for then. A weigh in this week... Not looking forward to seeing what the scales say!
  • Paint my nails weekly. A small thing but one that cheers me up. Amazing how a little thing can make you smile.
  • Wear my heels. No more flat shoes unless necessary! 5 day a week so far. Mind you, don't think they will be used as much in the snow!
  • Try my hand a sewing Does sewing a button back on count? Thought not!

So over all not brilliant but not too shocking either.

So how are you doing with yours?

X x


  1. That is A LOT of resolutins! I think to pick one or two and nail it seems like you'd get what you need done, then make the next one.

    Facebook pages is the way to go, I've heard- not tried it myself but am considering it. What I've noticed is that if I make a goal to photograph 6 things a week one day, then post them that week, I'm seeing progress in seeing sales as well as "de clutter." I wish you luck!

    PS if you have an ebay or etsy or some kind of shop email me and I'll add the link to Feb's shout out of #shopsecondhandfirst.


    1. I know Bella, think I went a little list crazy! But even if I say so myself I'm noy doing tooo badly. After all I have all year to do them.

      Love the pick 6 items a week approach. Think I will be borrowing that idea hun.

      x x

  2. Gosh your list is about as long as mine/xx


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