Saturday, 19 January 2013

Preparing For A Weekend Away....

Yeah we are off to spend a few days in London.

I love the excitement of spending a few days in the city.

We are staying here;

A cheap cheerful hotel, after all we are only going to sleeping here so no need for it to be really posh.
( plus at £14 a night you can't complain can you? )

We shall be going to all the free museums;

Eating cheaply and enjoying each others company.

The biggest issue will be what clothes to pack with this horrid weather!

So have you  anything you recommend we do whilst we are away?

X x


  1. where is your hotel for 15 !!

  2. Hope you have a great time.
    Let us know what the hotel is like and does it have a website? As much as I enjoy a luxurious hotel, I agree that if you're only sleeping there you don't need all the little luxuries.
    The national portrait gallery is always worth a visit

  3. goodness you need to tell me where that hotel is!! hope you have a great time xx

  4. What done the Southbank side of the Thames, start at Tower Bridge and walk down to the London Eye, there's lots to see. Interested to hear your feedback on the hotel. Have a fab weekend xx


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