Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow What Are You Up To Today??.......

The whole country has gone into melt down (not literally mind) due to the snow.

I have to admit I didn't travel today and instead worked from the warmth of my own house, much to hubbies annoyance. He layered up to brave the snow and freezing roads. 

Even Ashleigh didn't have school, a rarity as her school never closes but as they felt couldn't guarantee the safety of the children to get home closed it stayed.

Our road looked cold but magical all in the same breath.

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  1. Hi there! Hope you're feeling better-I am the same as you today, I am in whilst hubby is out to work, the snow is really settling now where I am in Essex!

  2. All our local schools closed this time and they rarely do! I made it in to work for the morning but was driven (slowly) home at lunch time for fear I'd be stuck attempting to walk if I was still there now! x

  3. I stayed at home, my journey is too risky in snow like this, especially when more was forecast (not that we had any of it!).
    It's pretty but is like it to go away now. Please.
    Hope you have a great weekend x


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