Monday, 28 October 2013

A Recap Or Two..

I do trying to remember to take an outfit shot for each day, but as we all know life tends to get in the way!

So here is one I took the week before my hols, but didn't get chance to blog about.

Meeting Attire

A French Connection dress and Debenhams shoes.
Ready for a very early start in order to attend a meeting in London.

The Thin line

Whislt everyone else is going thinker my eyebrows have gone considerably slimmer!
I had my eyebrows and eyelashes re-tinited and shaped.
I think she got a little carried way with the treading but not to worry at least they grow.
(I hope!)

Hope to catch up with all your lovely blogs now I am back.
Stay safe in this blustery weather!

X x


  1. You look gorgeous, those eyebrows look great to me! x

  2. Use pencil or brow powder on them it always makes them look bigger! The dress is really flattering x


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