Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Repair Time Again....

Today I have had to have a man out to look at my sofa as one side is drooping.
(Yes it is my side, a true sign I need to loose a few pounds stones)

Unfortunately it can't be fixed at home and needs to go to the work shop.
So we shall be sofa-less for at least three days!

Makes me wonder what the third thing to go will be?
(Please make it some thing that won't cost an arm or leg to fix)

That's a "wonder whats next?' face.
Dress - George (eBay)
Cardy - M&S
Belt - River Island 

But on the upside we are getting ready for our jollies to the Lake district and I can't wait.

We hope to go off on lots of walks and even if it pees it down we can return to a nice warm drink in our home from home.

Very, very old George shoes.

Ashleigh and her boyfriend will be looking after Whiskas and the chucks and I know they will enjoy having the place to themselves.
Not sure what state the house will be in but as the saying goes what you don't see won't hurt you!

X x


  1. Great print and colour on that dress. Have a lovely time in the Lakes! x

  2. Ah have a great time in the Lake District - I went there for the first time this year and would love to go again.


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