Thursday, 17 October 2013

Another one bites the dust.....

Because of the current role I do at work I manage to travel a lot of miles each week and because of this my company cars get a lot of wear and tear.

So just over three weeks ago my Honda went in for its service and didn't come home!

Finally after what seems an age I have my new company car.

A VW Golf Bluemotion.

And I am over the moon with it.

Whilst I might not have it longterm (thats a whole other story) for now I shall enjoy driving it.
The best thing is how economical it is and should save a fair bit of money in diesel I hope.

And it has even had its first long outing to Wales for a meeting or two.

X x


  1. wales for a meeting? You really do get around!

  2. A new car! Wonderful news! I'm sure it's a dream to drive. X Jane


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