Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Debenhams Shoes Fail Again....

When will I learn?

Every time I have shoes from Debenhams they disintegrate faster than an ice cube in tea.
(well not quite but far faster than they should thats for sure!)

I brought these at the end of August and they are falling apart.


Plus to add insult to injury they had even over priced both of the pairs I purchased.
(Obviously not bothered by Retail Law or any other law then?)

Oh well back they go.
Lets hope their customer service is better than the quality of the shoes.

X x


  1. Its so annoying when things like this happen! I bought a similar pair from Clark's a year or so ago, and they were exactly the same! Got some from new look and I still wear them today. I hate buying cheap shoes but I hate it even more when they outlast more expensive pairs! Rant over...HA!

    Love Gemma x

  2. Yes lets hope so! Good Luck and keep us posted x

  3. oh dear! I hate poor quality items, well you would expect it from Primark but not Debenhams!!

  4. How strange, I had a pair of heels that lasted an absolute age from Debenhams. Good luck with getting a refund.


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