Saturday, 19 October 2013

Off On Our Jollies...

So last night we celebrated a colleagues 25 years with the business.
Off we went to visit Broad Street in Brum and didn't return till much later than we intended.
(Life in us old folk yet!)

Which is a bit of a bummer as we are off to the Lakes today.

However we have no rush and will saunter along and be on site and settled before tea time.
After all we are on Holiday.

X x


  1. Of course plenty of life left yet! Hope you have a fun holiday x

  2. oooo I Love the lakes! bet its a bit wet at the moment though!

  3. Is Broad Street good? My friend and I are off to Bham for the weekend end of November and we were thinking of going to the Mailbox? Is it ok there?? x


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