Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Lets Get Crafting Shall We?....

I think I must been going a little stir crazy
All the heavy stuff has been out of the question, no ironing, hoovering, carrying... Gutted, not.
So instead I've keep looking for other things to do.

In doing this I have located all sorts. 
(nothing too dodgy thankfully)

Canvas that we have never used, fabric, wool, glitter even stuff from my Sunday school teacher days.
So as well as donating a lot back to the Church I have been looking what I can create with these goodies.

I don't want a home full of stuff that looks like a toddler has been creating though so its a fine line that I walk.

Two things immediately sprung to mind,
The first was Christmas cushion covers:
(Which you may have spotted on pictures from last week)

and the second Christmas Canvases for the stairs.
(still to be revealed, watch this space)

Now lets get that Christmas tree up!

X x


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