Monday, 19 May 2014

A Woman's Work Is Never Done....

I might have been off ill but its made me do a double take as to all the jobs us women do.

When I was at work I didn't bat an eye lid working 10 hours a day, traveling for at least 4 and then cooking, cleaning and doing everything for the family.
How did I do it?

Just completing the general jobs around the home has been hard enough work whilst still feeling a little pooped.

But as I shall be back to the grid stone very soon I have had a stern chat we the family and gained agreement that they all muck in.

It was either that or muck out the house as it wouldn't take long before it resembled a pig stye!

How do you guys juggle full time work and home?

X x


  1. We've always shared the chores regardless of who was working. Jon is just as capable of washing, ironing, cleaning and cooking as I am. xxx

  2. I struggle with this - I mean, it's not until I stop and look back that I think "how do I find time for this".

  3. I don't work but Mick and I still share the chores. The only thing Mick never does is the ironing, but we each take turns with everything else.


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