Thursday, 1 May 2014

And Then It Crashed To The Floor....

Let me just start off by saying I nearly jumped out of my skin last night.
Is that even possible I hear you ask?
Err no but I nearly hit the ceiling I jumped that much.
(Again another slight exaggeration.)

I was sat packing up yet more eBay parcels when we had the most almighty bang.
Followed by silence.

Ash and her boyfriend were upstairs, yet not a sound was heard.
Never a good sign.

After running up to check they were ok it transpires that a shelf had clapsed taking a fair amount of plaster with it.
Amazingly it wasn't hubbies handy work either.
He may be Andy by name but he's definitely not handy by nature when it comes to DIY.

So today has consistented of a stroppy daughter, who is convinced the shelf dropped on purpose
(Yes I know she's crazy but what can I say! I just feel sorry for Jake)

And them painting the bedroom before re-tackling the faulty shelf.
A little bit of diversion tactics going on I think.

Never a full moment in this house.

X x

An update on my  1000 items challenge.

 Total has  no increase and still sits at 535

Still only 475 to go
The 1000 is almost with in reach now.
Total sales are still at £993
(5 more items sold, yeah!) 

 X x


  1. Lovely photo of you, Trayci!
    Sounds like some of your Ebay profits are going straight to B&Q! x

  2. I always take things like that as a sign, I'd be redecorating and buying new shelves.

  3. Yikes!! I hate odd noises like that.

  4. Oh no :( hopefully not too much mess? great picture of you :)


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