Friday, 23 May 2014

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly....

Another week bites the dust and the weekend is here before you know it.

The Good

They make me smile.

The Bad

I am soooooooo fed up with still feeling rotten.
Enough said on that matter

The Ugly

I hate seeing anyone upset, especially my girls.
And a broken heart has to be the worst pain ever at 18.

I hope your weeks been a good one.

X x


  1. I hope your daughter's broken heart mends soon. I think we all know how it feels at that age and that's why, as a mum, we feel so helpless to do anything.

  2. Oh dear it is all going on, you with physical pain (which you really must get sorted, although I expect you have tried but it isn't good enough and needs explanation) and your poor daughter. I've been through this a few times, totally bloody awful x


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