Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Blown Away The Cobwebs In Brighton..

Our first day in Brighton was wonderful.
We had hot sunshine, blustery winds and lashings of rain.

Perfect for a long walk.

We were both shattered but happy.

Let's hope it continues for the rest of the week.

X x


  1. Wow! There's some massive waves there! Good to see it was warm enough for vests only! x

  2. looks like it was warm but windy! Glad to see you smiling :D x

  3. Aah, the Jack and Jill windmills! That takes me back...must look out the photos of me at about 8 in my tweedy coat and headscarf!!
    Found you via Sharon at Thrift My Style.
    Those Brighton pictures having me pining for a day at the seaside.
    Z xx


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