Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Whats Black, White And Grey All Over....


Well lets be honest my legs are whiter that a white thing.
(quite what that is I have no idea!)

I so need to get some sun on my pasty skin, it's so white it's nearly see through.

Someone pass the fake tan quick...

X x


  1. They look fine to me, that dress is taking all the attention away from any hint of paleness! x

  2. Lovely dress :)

    Oh I need to get my white legs into the sun :)

  3. My legs are so pale too! I do enjoy getting a natural tan :) x

  4. Hi my dear! I do love your look, the pattern and cut and colour make it a really stylish fab dress! Have a great week xx

  5. Ooh that dress is gorgeous, it is right up my street!
    I know how you feel about needing some sun on your skin, but I still thing you look great!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  6. I know that feeling, but my legs stay pretty white as I either don't get them out very often or put sun block on them!

  7. I'm always convinced I'll make a right mess if I try fake tan, so I've never tried it.

  8. Love the dress! Really suits you and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being pale and interesting.

    Popping over from the Welcome to the weekend blog hop.


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