Friday, 11 July 2014

Stunning Don't You Know.....

Don't you just love all the stylish blogs you read with stunning photos of ladies looking made up and not a hair out of place.

In reality, for me at least, thats just not how I look.
Well not everyday at least, I like to think I look presentable most days and especially for work.

My days off ,such as Sundays, are spent in comfy clothes that I don't mind getting muddy, or tearing on chicken wire as I clean out the chicken run or rabbit hutch or garden at the allotment.
(Yes I know, I lead a very glamorous life indeed)

Top - Daughters
Cami - Next Thrifted
Skirt - Gap (old)

I will even wear underwear as outerwear, like this Next cami top that I thrifted from a local charity shop.

It's much nicer than a boring strappy top.

Unruly fringe and specs instead of contact lenses.

And as for not a hair out of place....
Obviously mine has just been scrapped up and tied back
No make up in sight.

Excuse the swollen belly!

But I am happy doing my mucky chores and am always back to my made up neat self on the next work day.
Well everyones allowed an off day.

X x


  1. Oh how I'd love to be perfectly groomed at least some of the time!

    I hope you got your watch safely xx

  2. Oh yes those stylish bloggers but even they don't look like that most of the time, don't worry it's all staged I'm sure! x

  3. Ha, I can look stylish & groomed before I leave the house for work, until I open the front door that is! Weekends unless off out somewhere are spent in pj's much to my husbands disgust.

  4. Hi there! Your Cami top is really cute and I love it with the denim skirt! xx

  5. Working from home I often chuck on my scuffs of a morning. It's only if I'm leaving the house that I stop to think about how I must look.
    It is lovely to get dressed up and look groomed, even those lifestyle bloggers you mention don't manage it everyday, they just wouldn't dream of posting it - it would spoil the illusion.
    I think you're looking rather glam here for a lazy day of chores. Love the Cami top!

  6. aww Trayci you always look nice x


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