Thursday, 18 August 2011

Christmas Prep!

Yes I do know its still classed as summer and I've not gone totally crazy (that happened years ago!).

But whilst sorting out in order to make room for a long term house guest I have been forced to sort my gift cupboard.

Over the course of the year I buy things to give as gifts through out the year. It could be for birthdays, it could be for Christmas.

Most of my stash is safely stored in the loft, however the newer items that I have brought are still in what I would call my gift cupboard.

And I thought I'd share my stash with you, but there are rules....

You must not share this info with either of my daughters, both of whom still have a stocking on there bed Christmas morning and a santa sack under the tree, nor can you share this info with my nieces, sister or sister in law.

Do you pinky promise?

Ok then here goes;

You didn't expect not to see shoes did you?!

Leather clog shoes for the girlie, reduced from £35 to £5! Bargain!

For my girls and niece too.

Suede brogues and leather brogues, also £5 each for Ashleigh.
Pretty bag for my eldest niece, reduced to £3.

Lace footless tights for either Ashleigh or Kassie

Card holder for any of the girlies a whole 25p!
Thick winter tights, which to be fair will no doubt be used before Christmas, £1 each.

Tights for Kassie, £1 and socks for Ashleigh £1.
Sunglasses and cases both £2, one for Kassie and one for my niece.
Sweet jewellery for my sister, reduced to £3.

A selection of jewellery for Kassie, all reduced items.

Necklace and earring set for my sister in law, reduced to £3.
Make up bag reduced to £1 for Kassie, Socks 50p for either of the girls.

Shoes reduced to £8, scarf reduced to £2 and glasses reduced to £1 all for Kassie.

Eye brow kits each £1 and shadow kit also £1 for my girls.
And this is far from my whole haul either! The loft currently has two boxes full.

I still only buy what I know each person would like, as there is nothing worse than getting tat is there?!

It makes Christmas so much cheaper I can tell you!

So are you as sad as me or do you wait until November/December?


  1. wow, such bargains, planned ahead will really pay off.

  2. Oh wow how good are you.Could I have a pair of those shoes Mrs Santa?The ones in the 2nd last pic lol

  3. Hope so Sophie, should leave more pennies for holidays instead!

    Bless you Nelly! I'll drop a line to santa to make sure he knows.

    X x

  4. OMG! you are so organised! You've got some really fab bargains here - you're going to have some very happy girls on December 25th indeed! I wish I was that organised x

  5. You are such a good gift buyer! I know I would love these gifts. It is such a good idea to get organised early.

  6. i do that too! I have a gift stash in my wardrobe. I cant believe you bought all those shoes!! I never thought of buying shoes as presents....i want to be your friend :)

  7. I've got most of mine, too! I like to get all that malarky out of the way months in advance so I can spend the run up preparing for my holidays! x

  8. OMG what fabulous gifts..what a lovely mother you are I hope your girls appreciate it. My mum just gives me money or vouchers I would love her to buy me things like this but she would not have a clue lol

    I love those DP tights...I would really like those. Are they still in DP?

    I have that floral make up case xx

  9. Wow, can I be your daughter please?

    I haven't even thought about Christmas yet...other than how on earth I'm going to afford it!

  10. Wow!! Awesome finds!! Can I be on your Christmas list too!!! lol! ;)

  11. Hi you are so super organised. Great to pick bits & peices up when you can for pence & pounds x

  12. The tights were in the sale and I believe that some are still in store, pending which town your in I suppose.

    If you think this is a lot you should see the collection in the loft! Relieves a lot of pressure at Christmas mind. Just need to wrap it at some stage.

    X x

  13. great stuff, my dear<3<3
    lovely blog!

  14. Wow, wish I got gifts like that off my rellies! Love those brogues and all the patterned tights!


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