Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Disappointment That Is Me!

I am having a fed up day.


Well I am feeling fat and frumpy.

I ventured into the scales today as I felt a little porky and have put on 4 pounds!
(blasted ice cream maker!)

So as of today no more puddings, sweets or crisps.

The exercising routine steps up even more.
(Zumba twice a week, legs, bums and tums once a week and swimming for the remaining days)

This weight loss thing is definitely harder the older you are!
As a teenager the weight used to drop off now I feel like dropping instead!

Wish me luck!

X x


  1. Oh Trayci I know how you feel. I often have days like this when I just feel fat and dsgusting and I put a bit of fake tan on and it really makes you look a lot slimmer (well it does to me anyway). I am always saying I am fat my friends say its all in my head but I used to be a size 10 now I am a 12 and I hate it!

    I try and dress slimmer but I totally know how you are feeling.

    I love the pic of the mega fat birds lol now that IS fat! ha ha xx

  2. Oh also I meant to say you are not fat at all. x

  3. Hi yes we all have those days.You always look lovely in your pictures so dont be too hard on yourself. I think I am always on a permanent diet and still not happy with my weight. So i do have quite a few of those days too

  4. Good luck
    although I personally think you have a gorgeous figure and should just live life and enjoy! x

  5. You look just right to me but I think we all have those vile days when we feel fat, bloated and just bleurghhh! xxx

  6. if you're doing all that excercise you're likely to be putting on muscle as well as losing fat, so don't dispair! Don't let it get to you x

  7. I've been there! Try not to get down. I hear ya, it's definitely harder when you get older -- diets have to be much more strict! just member to give yourself a sweet treat once a week so you aren't deprived. ;)

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