Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Hidden treasures.

Whilst I was sorting a suitcase for my youngest to go to PGL I found not one, but two suitcases fully of clothes in the loft!
Heavy suitcases..

At first I wasn't sure what was in them but on closer inspection I found masses of summer clothes I had completely forgotten I had!

So the other day I sorted them out.

Now I have one pile ready to eBay;
Lot's of clothes I no longer wear or need.

A suitcase almost packed ready to take on holiday,
All just waiting to be washed and ironed. Only need to add toiletries, undies and swimwear! Oh and shoes of course!

And another to put back in the loft.
Items I don't want to get rid but don't think I need them leaving out for now.
I may not want them this year, but I'm not ready to part with them yet!

l hope I may make a few pennies as well!

So needless to say I will be very busy eBaying over the next few days and I have decided to put the cash towards a new table and chairs ready for Christmas. A very nice find indeed.
(However it has made me realise how many items of clothing I have! Thankfully its no where near on par with my shoes!)

X x


  1. I cant beleive how many shoes you have!!. How nice finding the clothes a great way to make a few pennies & nice that you have a goal in mind for motivation to do it x

  2. Ah I've recently made a discovery of old clothes myself, managed to move house with us twice and forgotten about - oops! Hope you make plenty of £s from them :) x

  3. How exciting! I hope you make lots of money so you can have a few cocktails down Mexico way! x

  4. How long is it till you go away? It's brilliant that you're already so far ahead with your packing! I really need to crack on with mine. Everything I need is buried in the ironing pile :(

  5. We go on Sunday Alex, can't wait! Don't worry Vix I shall have a few for you too!

    X x

  6. I would notice if I had mislaid that many clothes!!!! What a nice surprise though :)

  7. It's fab isn't it? I found a picnic basket full of clothes I'd long forgotten about, only one thing was rescued - a black jacket that I can't fathom how it found itself in this basket... the rest is going to charity - I already have too many clothes!


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