Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Cropped Mustard.

Last week I treated myself to a new pair of trousers.
Top - H&m
Trousers - New Look
Shoes - Primark

Brand new, not another soul had owned them!

They were reduced in new look and being a mustard colour I though they would last me as it gets cooler too.

I had quite a day to be fair.

Whiska's decided to show me just how much he loved me by sharing his catch with me.

A poor bird!

I had a fair amount of cleaning up to do.

Bless him.

X x


  1. These are fab! They look really good, esp. with that top (also fab)...
    Don't you just love it when felines bring you 'gifts'? I currently have a scratch on my forehead that is the result of being woken to see his catch... at 4am.

  2. Look good on you I must admit I hardly ever buy trousers.

    I hate it when our Thomas kills birds and he brings mice home. I set them free much to his disgust lol x

  3. Love the entire outfit on you! The mustard colour is fabulous for upcoming fall! I'm glad my cat doesn't bring me gifts like that!! lol!

  4. Those trousers are lovely on you!
    Our cats bring us live birds and frogs and expect us to kill them. Obviously very lazy and pampered pets. x

  5. I so want those trousers, I regret not buying them when I was in town at the weekend!

  6. those trousers are super! Very chic and they work so well with that top too x

  7. Apparently if they bring in live ones they think you're kittens who need to be taught how to kill things! Erk. Luckily Oscar has never been one for killing birds/frogs/etc. Wish he'd develop a taste for spiders though.


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