Monday, 24 September 2012

A Painful Monday...

Flippin typical!

After a nice weekend with the family I have woken up this morning with a very painful back.

If had been hurting over the weekend and I had taken painkillers but this morning it is really painful.

So much so I can't drive to work.

So I feel a little like the weather is today.


Never mind eh, I know it will get better.

So today has just consisted of comfy jeans and top.

The sour looking facial features are down to pain not being a grumpy git!

Nothing exciting but I'll share anyway.

And the pregnant pose is trying to stand comfy, not due to a huge belly!
Well not that huge anyway.

(cause thats just the kind of gal I am!)

X x


  1. Hope the back is feeling better soon. That is a classic laid back look.

  2. Hope you feel much better soon, this incessant rain is tough on the joints! You look lovely, not sour-faced in the slightest! x

  3. I am always fearful of hurting my back, having seen others hobbling around in pain. Get better soon hun x

  4. Love the outfit, not loving the fact you are in pain. Hoping it goes away very soon.

    Arwedd xx

    PS you're too thin to look pregnant!!!


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