Monday, 17 September 2012

So Whats For Tea?

Well considering we have courgettes coming out of our ear holes, not that I mind as I like them, I am having to think of different ways to use them.

So this evening sees us having courgette lasagne.

Uncooked and not looking too impressive.

Not only does it have in yummy courgettes but also lots of yummy cheese.
(probably not too good for the waist line though)

It can't have been that bad as the family have asked to have it again.

So what yummy food have you eaten of late?

X x


  1. I love courgettes, sadly our crop was a resounding failure - munched to death by slugs! What haven't I been eating lately? I'm surprised my Wii Fit recognised me this morning let along told me I'd only gained 1lb! Must be all that mountaineering!xxx

  2. Wow I love courgettes and I love veggi lasgane. What's not to like?

  3. That sounds GOOD! I love favourite!

    Gemma xxx

  4. I had normal Lasange tonight. I think I said before I am not a fan of courgettes I find them tasteless but I am sure they aren't if they are from somebodies garden xx


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