Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Count Yourself Lucky.....

We all have days where things get us down and it's usually the most trivial of things if we are totally honest.

Well today I had a very scared and worried little girl.
(Even though she frequently tells me she is a lady now)

For today we attended the hospital to get meet with the heart consultant and to find out the course of action following on from her heart palpitations.

The good news is that her heart scan showed a healthy heart.

The bad news is they have no idea what is causing them.

So she will now be booked in for a exploratory surgery and they will put a tube into the vein on her leg and feed it into her heart.  They will then try to bring on the palpitations and if possible correct the faulty area.

She will have to be awake for the whole procedure, be it very sedated.
(The doctor advised her it will feel like being very tipsy)

She stayed very calm asking lots of questions and I was very proud of her.

Once we got to the car however the reality of it hit home and the tears began.

How I wish I could ease the worry and do it in her place.

But in true mommy style all I could do was comfort and support.

Of course I too am worried, after all, all the deaths in my family have been due to heart issues.
But I also know it is best that she gets it sorted now whilst she is young and fit.

So I count myself lucky that we are able to have this looked at and hopefully corrected.

And that I have a lovely family and friends whom I love more than the moon and the stars, knicker and the stars!
(As a very young Ashleigh used to say)

X x


  1. I agree Trayci, best to tackle things while Ashleigh is fit and young. I can imagine it must be a right worry though x

  2. You are right, best time is while she is young & well. Of course that doesn't stop the worrying! Will be thinking of you all : )

    Gemma xxx

  3. She and you will be in my prayers xxx

  4. ah bless her & bless you both. Things like this put things into perspective. Its hard being a mum in lots of ways. I am glad you all have each other & I am sure she its lovely for her to know that you can pop your arms round her and just hug her till shes safe x x

  5. ps must excuse my bad typing my keyboard letters keep sticking!. I am hammering in this message hard on the keys!

  6. There's so much they can do nowadays, it's amazing when you think about it. It certainly doesn't stop you worrying though, my mum tells me that I'll worry about my children all my life, it's what being a mum is all about. Thinking of you both. xx

  7. I hope all goes well and you don't have to wait too long for the procedure. A friend of mine had a very similar procedure, she said it was an odd sensation and she woke feeling like she'd dreamt it.
    Ashleigh is very lucky to have such a wonderful Mum.

  8. Really hope everything is OK, will keep everything crossed for her (and you, of course) xxx

  9. wishing only the best for you x


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