Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly....

Summing the week up in three simple categories.

The Good
A new arrival in the family

My lovely niece has given birth to a beautiful baby boy called Max. He weighed in at 8lb 11oz.
None of us have actually met him yet as he was rushed off to another hospital after swollowing his own poop during birth.  He is now on the mend and we hope to meet him soon.

Seeing friendly faces. 

My inn laws gave visitors over from America and its lovely to catch up with what they have been upto since we last saw them over 6 months ago. 

The Bad
Not being able to see baby Max or reassure his mom and dad

Can't really add to that.

Preparing for my review.

Not that it should be a bad one but I never like all the prep needed before hand.

The Ugly
(Other than the baby Max situation)

Still feeling shattered.

Even after a week to recover I still feel well and truly pooped.
Lets hope the weekend can sort me out.

X x


  1. Sending get well wishes to little Max!

  2. Congratulations, hope Max is ok.

    I love the photo of that cat it made me laugh x

  3. Ack, poor Max! Hope he's right as rain soon x

  4. You'd think babies would know better by now! Why do so many of them do this, it is very common and I have never known it to be a problem but when it is your own baby it is obviously a time of worry but I am sure everything will be OK and mum and baby will soon be re-united xx


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