Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Back To School....

Well 6th form actually.

Yes Ashleigh began her A level studies last week.

She looked so grown up.

This weekend she even lost the red hair, in favour for jet black hair.

And even a little pair of heels have made an appearance too.
(definitely my daughter)

It has cost a fortune to kit her out with suits, shoes, blouses, bag, stationery..
The lists never ending.

I did find a few things that were thrifted which helped a little.

Would you believe we even had to buy loads of white bras too?

I do feel for people with lots of children as it does get very expensive.

X x


  1. ahhh kids. Do they have a uniform? our 6th form didn't.

  2. She looks lovely!! Hope she gets on okay.

    Gemma xxx

  3. Her hair looks fab. Uniform? In the 6th form? How strange (and costly)! x


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