Wednesday, 9 October 2013

"If you don't have anything nice to say......"

"Then don't say anything at all."

That was a saying my granny used to say to me and one I try to stick to where possible.
Hence the blog silence.

Whilst it has been manic with work, it has also been frustrating and annoying.
So rather than moan, silence it has been.

But I have had some fun times to, honest.

Such as a French connection VIP day:

A trip to the NEC grand designs:

And the NEC wedding fair:

Plus I still have lots of holiday photos to share and a surprise or two.

Forget the negatives, lets focus on the positives.

X x


  1. What day were you at the NEC? The boy and I were there Saturday xx

    1. Us too! How about that. My daughter really enjoyed it and got lots of ideas for the wedding. I have to say though that some of the stuff was far too expensive for what it was. Did you both enjoy it? x x

  2. I wondered where you were! Yeh, I know some bloggers go on about 'keeping it real' and sharing all there moans but really I do want my blog to be a happy place for people to visit, plus I would never moan about work on my blog, theres a time and a place and the world wide web isn't it! xx

  3. I hope you're ok Trayci, sending you plenty of hugs x


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