Saturday, 12 October 2013

Pumpkin Pie anyone?

Our allotment has done us proud yet again this year.

With masses of yummy vegetables and fruit.

However the one that has both the girls ecstatic has been these:

11 of our (dirty) pumpkins and one lonely butternut squash.

Our fabulous pumpkins!
And whilst they don't look very large in this photo they are all great sizes.

Believe it or not we only grew them to fill a little space and fill it they did!

And whilst I am sure one (or two) will be used by the girls for Halloween the rest shall be eaten.
I have no idea in what recipes though.

Anyone got any tasty pumpkin recipes for us to try?

Shame I couldn't spend more time up at the lottie today but the weather has been dire.
Lets hope tomorrow is a little better.
X x

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