Thursday, 29 May 2014

A Parcel Or Two..

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You know how you get excited when a parcel.
Nothing nicer than getting some new clothes or a new pair of shoes maybe.
Which as I have spent the day in agony between the toilet and bedroom (too much info?) any distraction has been good.

Even if  todays parcels didn't quite have the appeal or excitement of new shoes.
Two huge chairs for the caravan;

A huge body requires a huge chair!

And a box of goodies also for the caravan;

Admit it you wish you had these parcels.
Nothing more exciting then toilet liquid, lol.

x x


  1. Well I suppose all parcels are exciting even if they are not small & full of pretty things. I hope you recover soon!

  2. I agree all parcels lift the heart. Hope you are feeling better. X

  3. I love it when a parcel comes, sadly they are usually for the girls!

  4. Hi my dear! Sorry to hear you're still poorly wishing you a speedy recovery and loving your new chairs! xx

  5. I love receiving parcels. I've had a few delivered this week, though most have been things I've ordered for Eleanor for her birthday or for a little treat. I still enjoy opening them though. I love the chair. We've got wooden chairs in the garden but I've been wondering about getting something similar recently, it looks much more comfortable than wood.

  6. Those chairs look comfy!

  7. I've got one of those chairs. It's the most comfortable chair ever!


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