Saturday, 10 May 2014

Pack Up Your Troubles.....

No kit bag here through, just our trusty van.

Andy will celebrate his 45th birthday next week and he never ever works on his birthday.
So this year will see us visiting Brighton.

Now I've never been and I know its a marmite place to visit.
(You either love it or hate it!)
Any recommendations on where to visit or what to so would very much be appreciated.

But I am sure we shall enjoy our break and I for one am very excited about visiting the vintage stores they have in Brighton.

But first I need to sort the clothes and pack the van.
Not forgetting a grand amount of painkillers!

And if anyone has a direct link to the weather  please may we have a little sunshine?

X x


  1. ooo I LOVE Brighton! Go to The North Lanes as that's where all the cool vintage stores are, the South Lanes are nice but more modern. Visit The Blackbird Tea Rooms for a vintage style tea and cake in a beautiful café google it or look up on Face book.. and also Bills is good for food. If you've never been to a Bills before you must. The one in Brighton is on the left hand side of the main high street as you look at the sea in what looks like an old warehouse or something haha.
    Hope you have a fab time!! xx

  2. Thanks Claire I shall be sure to check them all out. Excited.

    X x

  3. Whoo I've never been to Brighton, but would love to visit :) aww exciting ...


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