Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Take one dress.....

Do you ever gasp at the prices of clothes?
I know I do but the great thing about blogging is you have a photo diary of what you wear
Which means you can see just how often you wear an outfit.

Now don't get me wrong a good coat is worth its weight in gold, as is the perfect little black dress
But for everyday wear I just refuse to spend a fortune.

As I do love a bit of purple this ASOS dress has been worn shed loads.
Including Christmas day, work meetings, lounging around the house and a lunch date with the girlies.

It's super comfy and puling any wobbly bits in perfectly.

Win win in my book.
And now down to half pennies (do you remember them?)

So whats been your best buy per wear?

X x


  1. Purple really suits you and you've made that dress look different every time.
    I haven't bought new clothes from a retail shop for years, it shocks me when I see the prices on the rare occasion I cut through M&S on the way to the train station. xxx

  2. Works really well in the different ways you have styled it! x

  3. Purple is your colour! I hate the prices of clothes, I want to shop but refuse to pay the price in most stores! xx

  4. Great dress and a fab colour. I always forget about wearing tops over my dresses...it's such a great way to get more wear from them. x

  5. H aha I know what you mean some items are really overpriced. Purple really suits you! I don't tend to have much purple ín my wardrobe and I don't know why as I really łike it x BTW hope your feeling ok...its horrible being ill isn't it! x

  6. That's great that you've worn it so many times and in so many different ways. My best buys are always jeans and hoodies - yes, I'm a scruff bag, but I'm a proud scruff bag!
    (And I do remember half pennies!) Popping over from Clairejustine.

  7. My best price per wear item was a black cardigan I bought from Topshop when I was working at a local bar - it cost £35 at the time (7yrs ago) but I must have worn it thousands of times! I wore it until it fell apart and had a paint stain on the sleeve.


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