Friday, 20 June 2014

If It Aint Broke, Don't Fix It....

My uniform of the week seems to have been a floaty skirt and top.

Top - Primark
Skirt - Oasis (old)
Shoes - Monsoon (old)

Dead comfy and smart enough for any appointment I have had to attend too.

Inside what will soon be the new chicken coop.

Today has consisted of appointments, lunch with my mom, sister and my eldest daughter .
It's so nice to have a catch up with them, they really make me smile.

I even saw my nieces little boy, who is soooooo cute its untrue.
As for the weekend, i am hoping to attend a car boot to get rid of some more unwanted crap items from the garage.

Yes the declutter really does continue.
How can we possibly have so much stuff?

X x


  1. I ask myself how can I possibly have so much stuff every damn day! xx

  2. Hope the carbooting has gone well. We don't have a garage, we got rid of it when we extended the house and I've only just been saying that we could do with one as we have nowhere to put anything, but perhaps it stops us accumulating things we no longer need.

  3. There can't be anything left in your house! Hope it goes/went well.

    Love those wedges. Perfect for summer.

  4. Such a pretty skirt, perfect for this lovely warm weather we've been having. HOpe the car boot goes well, I've been to one this morning that was rubbish! x

  5. Lovely outfit, looks nice and cool too :)

  6. Yep, I'm feeling that "how can I have so much stuff" thing lately.


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